American travelers are obsessed with their phones


The people have spoken and the numbers are in: American travelers are officially obsessed with their cell phones.

Intrepid Travel and OnePoll recently surveyed 1,500 American Travelers about their cell phone use on vacation. Unfortunately, the results confirmed what many suspected: technology is taking over travel.

The good…


44% would be willing to take a break for a few days from their phone

Well, it’s a start. The fact that almost 50% of people could actually spend more than a day without their phone is definitely encouraging. If 44% would take a few days, I’m sure there are at least 15% who could commit to a full week long detox!

24% of people have tripped or walked into a pole while staring down at their phone

I’ll be the first to admit this technically isn’t “good”, however it could be much worse. Although the fact that 76% of people have managed to successfully navigate the world while buried in their devices is definitely a major cause for concern.

84% admit their cell phones and technology are distracting when it comes to daily life

The first step in overcoming your technology addiction is accepting you have a problem. Kudos to these brave travelers for admitting their phones are a distraction! Hopefully the other 16% aren’t just in denial.

The bad…


31% are so concerned with getting a good photo they forget to experience the moment

Those avid sunset and sunrise chasers are probably the worst offenders. I wish we were all more concerned with enjoying the perfect moment than capturing the perfect shot. We can chase that perfect photo for hours, but in the words of Joni Mitchell you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

50% of people spend more than 1 hour searching for Wi-Fi while on vacation

When you arrive in a new country it’s always good to learn a few useful words and phrases in the local language. Things like hello, goodbye, thank you, and of course, what’s the Wi-Fi password. This has very much become a reality and a trend we hope is on the way out!

The ugly…


41% of people choose locations to visit based on what will look good on social media

This is one of those statistics that make people question all of humanity. I’m all for chasing a cool photo on vacation, but to use that as the foundation for your entire holiday is madness! Most of us can realistically only take one or two vacations a year. Make sure you choose somewhere that inspires, excites and challenges YOU. Not your fans and followers.


While these results are not necessarily surprising they serve as an important reminder that life is not meant to be lived through your phone. It’s important that we will take time to experience the world through our own eyes and not a camera lens. So we decided to do something about it. Intrepid has just launched a range of Digital Detox Tours to inspire those hyper-connected travelers to unplug and live in the moment. What would happen if you woke up every day and just felt 100% present in a destination? It’s a pretty powerful idea, right?

There’s a famous expression that says “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well if a traveler goes on vacation and no one on Facebook sees it, rest assured it still happened. And chances are it was absolutely awesome.

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