Barbiesavior will change your perspective on voluntourism


1Voluntourism can be a prickly subject. As a responsible travel company, we don’t want to tell people “Don’t help”. We just want them to help in sustainable, appropriate ways. Which isn’t a very sexy message. Luckily for us there’s BarbieSavior, a laser-guided satirical Instagram account that neatly skewers the problem with the whole ‘white saviour’ complex.

Of course, the point of this is illumination, not derision (well, maybe a teeny tiny bit of derision). In fact the creators admit that, before they educated themselves on things like orphanage tourism, they were guilty of some of this stuff too.

“We were never as ‘savioresque’ as Barbie Savior, but we did things back in our White Saviour days that we regret,” theysaid to the Huffington Post. “We have both struggled with our own realisations and are definitely not claiming innocence here. Barbie Savior, we hope, is an entertaining jumping off point for some very real discussions, debates, and resolves.”

Without further ado. Here is barbie as you’ve never seen her before










As responsible travellers, it’s our responsibility to keep informed on issues like orphanage voluntourism. You can learn more about our responsible travel policies here.

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