Is this the coolest Bhutan travel video ever?

Bhutan---Clemens Purner

It’s interesting watching the trends in travel videos. A few years ago, Watchtowers of Turkey set the world on fire with its crazy whip-cuts and timelapse zooms. And since then the world’s travel filmakers have been trying to recapture that energy (ie. copy it as much as possible without infringing on intellectual property rights).

But Austrian director Clemens Purner seems to be moving in a different direction. His latest travel video from his trip toBhutan is all understated class. Dreamy colour washes, simple aesthetics and static camera angles. Definitely not your typical holiday vid. We’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this style in the years to come. There’s something about it that captures Bhutan’s spartan simplicity. Its rawness.

So sit back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy two minutes and nine seconds of pure, undiluted wanderlust. Bhutan style.

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