There’s a new way to search for flights


These days you can’t swing an in-flight guide without hitting an airline aggregator site. They’re everywhere.

You can browse flights by price, by departure, by carrier, destination and duration, but one site has added a criteria to the list: happiness.

Oh what a good idea, what a glorious thought. Even though the concept of measuring flights by happiness is a little like measuring a funeral by how many high-fives it generates, we’re glad to see someone is thinking in the right direction.

The site’s called Routehappy (naturally), and it gathers plane data on things like plane type, seat comfiness, layovers and in-flight amenities to come up with a ‘happiness score’ for each departure. Each flight is given a score from 1 to 10, with 1 being “Please let me off this flying metal death trap” and 10 being “Another champagne, my good man!”


Well played Dragonair, you score high on the happiness scale. Image c/o Matt_Weibo, Flickr

Routehappy is taking off too (sorry), with big partners like Expedia and Google Flights. It doesn’t get much bigger than Google.

Robert Albert, CEO and founder of the four-year-old company, says that finally (finally) the airlines are starting to realise that treating people like credit-card-owning sardines is not the route to profitability. There’s more to flying than simply price and schedule. Things like Wi-Fi connectivity, cabin layout, entertainment options and the in-flight menu are becoming more and more important in a crowded marketplace.

“Recently, there’s been a surge of innovation in the air travel space,” Albert said. “They (the airlines) are competing with each in many ways other than on fares,” Albert said. “They are getting beyond commoditization, which is terrible for everyone.”

Go forth and celebrate, travellers. Flying just got a little more magical.

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