HGH supplements are a way to enhance HGH in your body either through pills, powder form of HGH, oral spray or synthetic forms of HGH. With synthetic forms of HGH, you see instant results as it is directly injected into your body. There is HGH available in powder form which is made of natural ingredients which also helps in increasing muscle. Injection form of HGH is generally prescribed to children and adults with health concerns and growth problems. With the many affects that HGH on human body, it is mostly used by body builders to increase their muscle. So, before we get to the reviews, lets know how does it work and its effect on your body.

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What is HGH and how does it work?

HGH is a natural hormone secreted by Somatropic cells in the pituitary glands. It is a hormone responsible for the overall well-being of the human body including the proper growth, muscle, concentration, aging factor, sex drive etc.

But due to the many benefits of fat burn, muscle building, etc., it has been widely used by body builders as a body building supplement. Read the positive testimonials here.

Reviews of HGH injection:

When you check online or in any body building forum, you will come across many people who say that using HGH has helped them. Remember that using it in proper doses is essential.

It is usually taken deep inside the muscle and at different places every time you inject. HGH injections were designed for medical use and were not designed for body building or anti-aging factors. Hence, it is not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The benefits of using HGH include:

·         Boosts energy

·         Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

·         Rejuvenates your skin/hair

·         Maintains blood pressure

·         Boosts immunity


Using HGH injections increases muscle mass but there will be no affect seen on the strength.

There are some side effects also included with it. Common side effects can include headache, joint pains, muscle pains and swelling in hands and feet.


As HGH works on cell regeneration, people with problems like cancers, tumors, diabetes and breathing issues should never take HGH.


If you want to start with taking HGH, the best person to contact is your doctor. Once you visit the internet, there are various reviews to the use of HGH supplements. Whether you want to start supplementing in pill form of herbal form or injections, it is advisable not to follow the reviews on internet because people are paid to write on the websites of sale.


So, what should you out when looking for reviews?

You can read through everything on the internet for you information. But while looking for reviews, check the clinical studies and scientific reviews about a product.The review should be able to give you answers on all the basic to complicated questions about HGH that you may have. This will certainly take time, but will help you a lot in knowing the product before you start it. After all, you do not want any kind of risk. Try to look for options of taking the supplements, dosage, availability, legality and it’s side effects etc.