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Picture Courtesy:Instagram/rose.stgtTake this piece of news as your motivation to work harder, earn more bucks and move to Germany.

According to a recent study, human peace of mind depends on lush greenery, cleaner air to breathe, less noise pollution (read honking), a bank balance that is devoid of debts and a job that makes you jump out of your bed every morning–and Germany seems to have it all.

Based on a new study by Zipjet, Stuttgart Germany is the least stressful city in the world. The study has revealed the world’s most and least stressful cities of 2017, and ranked cities globally based on factors that cause stress, such as unemployment, physical and mental health, public transport, security, and even the lack of sunshine hours per year.

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What’s interesting to note is that four out of the top 10 stress-free cities in the list are in Germany. Stuttgart is closely followed by Luxembourg, with population density, social security and ample of green spaces in its favour, Hannover comes in at third place, Munich joins in on the fifth, with Hamburg in the ninth place.

Zipjet conducted this study by analysing 500 locations based on data categorised in 17 sections.

To no one’s surprise, Baghdad has been ranked the most stressful city in the world. Its total score in the study is full 10 on 10 compared to only 1 obtained by Stuttgart.

Any guesses which Indian city takes the ninth spot in the list of world’s most stressful cities? Yes, our national capital, Delhi, with its honking, toxic air, low social and financial security, amidst