Poker is a card game that constitutes of gambling, building strategies and using your skills. It dates back to 1830.Betting is the most important part of this game and determines the winner at the end of each hand according to the combination of cards with each player. Poker is an international game and is enjoyed in every country where card game is played. It is a fun and challenging game between a minimum of two or more people. There is hundreds of version of Poker game and the game is not limited only to private homes but at various famous casinos as well. Poker can be played both socially and professionally. It indeed is a luck game but it also requires a great amount of skill. Since you cannot visit a friend’s place or go to casinos every day, you can play poker online.

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The Procedure to play the game:

The standard pack of 52 cards is used to play this game. It is a one pack game, but now-a-days, in all games played, whether online poker or in the clubs, two packs of contrasting colours is used. This leads up in speeding up the game. While one pack is being dealt, the other one is being prepared for the next deal. When dealing with two packs, the previous dealer gathers all the cards from the pack that he dealt, shuffles them and places them to his left. At the time of next deal, the shuffled deck of cards is passed onto the next player. The player who understands the value of the hands and principles of betting has a good chance of winning the game. Before the play begins, a time limit is set for the game to end. There are a lot of online platforms where you can play poker in India. You can participate in a lot of tournaments which are fully compliant with the Indian laws.

How to look more confident at the Poker table?

Poker India has been gaining a lot of hold than any other card game. In order to master it, the most important aspect to any game of Poker is confidence. You need to have self-assurance, what you call is a Poker Face. You have to be good at faking it so that your competitors are not able to read your cards by your face. Second, you must know the rules by heart. Knowing the rules just makes you confident. Apart from the basics, you need to understand the combination of cards that can win well. A good understanding helps in quick decision making at the game. You must also learn to read the body language of your opponent. Check for their gestures and expressions as soon as they have been dealt the cards. When you are reading body languages of your opponent, you must also keep a check on your body language. Do not fidget when you have bad cards. When you are cool and calm, you are able to make decisions easily. Poker is a super fun game and you just get addicted to it.