Image result for Canada's prime minister vacations in North Captiva amid scandal

The Prime Minister of Canada made a visit to North Captiva Island while embroiled in a scandal back at home.

Justin Trudeau’s maple leaf-emblazoned airplane was seen on Page Field Monday, where he flew for a low-key private vacation.

He rented a couple of houses for his family and his security detail on the south end of the island that you can only get to by boat.

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Debbie Renner, a temporary resident of the island in the winter, said she knows everyone and where they stay. She drove a golf cart to the home where Trudeau would be staying, and it was swarming with Secret Service.

The prime minister was seen on the water entering the island, followed by marine units filled with Secret Service and deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, back in his home country, a scandal has engulfed Canada’s poster boy. The former attorney general said Trudeau pressured her to strike a deal with a corrupt company.