Time for your pre-wedding shoot!Credit: Getty Images

Time for your pre-wedding shoot!

Whether it is fashion, beauty, ceremonies or events, the latest wedding trends are swelling in excitement with every wedding in the town. If you are about to get married, we are sure that you must be most cautious about your ‘pre-wedding shoot’.

Pre-wedding shoots are getting bigger, larger-than-life and a shoot that looks way more important than your other wedding events. While you watch your friends and cousins getting their pre-wedding shoots done the typical way, break away from the clutter and think out of the box. Plan your pre-wedding shoots at unique destinations and the result will be magical.

PS: The best part of a pre-wedding destination shoot is that you get to holiday with your partner and experience a place that you would have never planned to visit otherwise.

JaisalmerCredit: Getty Images


Ditch the regular royalty of Udaipur and head straight to Jaisalmer. The rustic beauty of sand dunes and Rajasthani backdrops will add wonders to your shoot. Choose that time of the year when the tourism is not at peak, and it is neither too cold or too hot, or else, shooting in sands in extreme weather conditions will be your biggest block.

Pangong LakeCredit: Getty Images

Pangong Lake

If you love adventure, ride up to Pangong lake – the ultimate serene beauty. Carry your traditional and colourful ensembles as well, for they will look extremely gorgeous against the calm blue lake in the background.

CoorgCredit: Getty Images


From the Abbey Falls to the Buddhist Monasteries, Coorg is a gorgeous destination for a pre-wedding shoot. Get innovative and take a break from regular mushy shoots, plan a video that speaks volumes about your individualities. A romantic shoot in the waterfalls or a cosy shot in the widely spread greens in Coorg will add a breath of fresh air to the pre-wedding shoots!

Rann of KutchCredit: Getty Images

Rann of Kutch

Imagine yourself in bright and gorgeous outfits, standing against the white landscape of Rann of Kutch, the result will be nothing less than spectacular! Not many people will think of this destination for their shoot but take cues from Bollywood and you will find it to be the perfect destination to fall in love with each other again!

KhandalaCredit: Getty Images


After the Rani Mukherjee and Aamir Khan starrer Aati kya Khandala song turned this place popular, not many can think of this place as a destination for a pre-wedding shoot. Just take a look at the photos of Rajmachi Fort and you will know why we are recommending this one!

NalandaCredit: Getty Images


If you think greens and beaches are too overrated for a pre-wedding shoot, go to Nalanda in Bihar. Griddhakuta Parvat is a beautiful historical place here, and makes for a perfect backdrop to tell your fairytale.

JabalpurCredit: Getty Images


The Dhuandhar Falls in Jabalpur are rare and beautiful. Known as the Niagara Falls of India, these falls are an amazing destination for you two. Do not invest in heavy Indian clothes for a shoot here, for the beauty of this destination shoot is that you can simply be yourself.