You might be surprised to learn that looking like a tourist can make you unsafe while traveling.

You might be surprised to learn that looking like a tourist can make you unsafe while traveling.
  • Though you may not realize it, some aspects of your traveling routine might be making you less safe.
  • Bringing tons of cash, for example, can increase your chances of being robbed or losing money.
  • Posting about your trip on social media can also be risky, as it can inform strangers of your location.
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Many people take certain measures when they travel that they may believe make them safer.

Some of these travel habits, however, could be doing the opposite. For example, bringing tons of cash could increase your chances of being robbed, and sharing vacation photos on social media might let people find your location too easily.

Here are a few things you might be doing on your travels that you may want to reconsider on your next trip.

Flying in a larger plane isn’t necessarily safer than a smaller plane, according to some aviation experts.

Weather conditions can often play a bigger role in a plane’s safety than its size does.
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Many people think they may be safer when traveling on larger planes, but experts say this isn’t necessarily the case.

“Many travelers believe large commercial planes are safer than smaller planes, when in actuality, air safety depends on many other factors such as maintenance compliance, type of aircraft, the weather and the pilot flying the plane,” says Charles “Chick” Gregg, the owner of boutique airline Air Unlimited.

“Traveling in a large plane doesn’t automatically make you safer, so choosing a small airline with great perks and staff could provide you with the safety and comfort you seek – in addition to a better overall experience. This means travelers should look outside a plane’s size to determine the safest air carrier that meets their personal trip needs.”