Myths, facts and gray areas that will complicate your Cuba travel plans
A 2016 file photo, shows the a Carnival cruise ship arriving in Havana, Cruises are banned from Cuba under new regulations. (Desmond Boylan / Associated Press)

Cuba has a mystique about it, so it’s no surprise that myths surround travel there.

That may be even truer this month after regulations were changed by the Trump administration. Some of the regulations have been interpreted strictly, some more liberally. Here is our “myth, fact or unclear” primer on travel to this complicated island nation.

You can travel to Cuba. Fact. The new regulations did not end travel there. They may change the way you travel there because…

You cannot travel to Cuba by cruise ship. Fact. Cruises stopped calling in Havana almost immediately after the changes were issued earlier this month. Cruise ship travel was an easy way to visit Cuba, a sort of sampler platter, as it were, that allowed visitors to see a little bit of the country and mingle with its people.