68-Year-Old Impersonates 89-Year-Old With Fake Passport At Delhi Airport

Gurdeep Singh (right) used a fake passport and took on a fake identity of Karnail Singh (left).

New Delhi: 

A 68-year-old man was caught by the immigration authorities at the Delhi airport on Thursday for allegedly impersonating an octogenarian by using a fake passport, the police said. He had been travelling abroad using the fake passport for nearly 11 years. The incident comes days after a man who disguised himself as an 81-year-old was caught at the Delhi airport.

Gurdeep Singh had landed in Delhi from Hong Kong on Thursday. He allegedly used a fake passport and a fake name: Karnail Singh. The passport claimed that he was 89.

However, he appeared suspicious to alert immigration officers who felt that he looked much younger than his age. His date of birth in the (fake) passport was October 20, 1930.

The man’s original identity was revealed after detailed checks. It was found that Gurdeep Singh’s real date of birth is March 16, 1951 and that he is from Moga district in Punjab.

In 2006, Gurdeep Singh got a fake passport under the name of Karnail Singh, made by an agent whom he had contacted two years earlier.

He had travelled abroad for the first time, to Hong Kong, in 1995, the police said. After that, he went there multiple times but was not able to get a permanent residency in the country.

Gurdeep Singh even managed to get a permanent residency permit in Hong Kong using the fake passport, the police said