Finding Experiences In Bangalore: Vineyard Tour, Sound Healing And More

When a weekend getaway is more than just a luxurious hotel stay

There was a time when one would gush over having the perfect vacation by staying at a gorgeous property and doing nothing at all. The fact that you could switch off, spend a couple of days away from home and be pampered by the ace hospitality of the hotel were good enough reasons to pack your bags and take off. But today’s travellers have evolved. While we all still love the pampering of luxury hotels and resorts, we seek something more each time we travel on the path to self-discovery, to go back home with more than just good memories. As the popular saying goes, ‘Travel is the only thing that makes you richer’, today’s generation of travellers are all for finding experiences, and in fact planning their whole travel itinerary revolving around those experiences for the perfect ‘staycation’.

So does it always have it be an exclusive getaway or an offbeat destination to find the best experiences? What about making your work trip to metro cities more than just a fine hotel stay? Well, it’s very much possible to rediscover a city and soak in its local vibe or go the wellness route to cleanse your body, mind and soul by seeking out interesting activities to include in your trip. And no, we don’t mean just heading to the spa.

During my recent weekend getaway to Namma Bengaluru (Bangalore), I enjoyed the perfect staycation at the Hyatt Centric MG Road Bangalore. I have lived in Bangalore for a good amount of years and often travel to this buzzing city when chance permits, but this time my trip was more than just hitting the best restaurants and bars in town and actually about new learnings because of FIND by World of Hyatt. In 2018, FIND was launched to offer unforgettable experiences to World of Hyatt members to help them explore the world beyond their hotel stay, providing them with increased opportunities to find their best selves through exploration and self-discovery (including activities related to dining, fitness, adventure and restoration).

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Finding Peace In The Hustle Bustle

Because I had had a busy month at work with no escape from the dreadful air pollution crisis in Delhi, my agenda for my Bangalore trip was to de-stress, soak some sun, breathe cleaner air and of course eat good food. So it started with a stay at a beautiful suite in Hyatt that included a balcony garden with a great view of the city’s skyline. Accented with wood panels, it also had a small canopy with a sitting area, which soon turned out to be my favourite spot to read a book, sip chamomile tea and find a few moments of peace while being at the heart of the city.