Offbeat travel destinations every backpacker will love to explore

Weekend is here! If you are sitting and cribbing about your city life and going FOMO looking at your friend’s travel posts, then we feel you. For those with wanderlust souls, nothing brings more happiness than the thought of packing our bags and setting off to explore the beautiful world. But then again, for today’s conscious travellers, it’s also about finding wholesome experiences when we visit a new place to soak in its culture. For them, travel is not just a means of escaping a busy lifestyle, but adding value to it. It’s an essential part of life, not a break away from it.

So if you are up for a backpacking trip to rough it out a little yet have the best time, then we have put down five offbeat destinations that will surely enhance your travel experience. Take a look:

1. Aurangabad

An exquisite confluence of history and culture, Aurangabad is home to the renowned Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the 17th-century Bibi ka Maqbara shrine made with marble, old forts like Daulatabad Fort, art galleries and Shivaji Maharaj Museum. Besides this, this ancient city in Maharashtra is a bubbling, simmering pot of a range of dishes that no food lover can afford to miss.

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2. Mukteshwar

What could be better than mountains and peace? Mukteshwar is the stuff that a nature lover’s dreams are made of. It is the perfect place to chill alongside nature within the folds of mighty mountains while enjoying the soul-soothing embrace of sunlight and the skin-tingling kiss of wintry waft. Mukteshwar is less than 8 hours drive from Delhi, making it one of the closest hill stations from the capital.