Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl Onboard Brahmaputra Mail Train

The woman was travelling from Delhi to Allahabad on the Brahmaputra Mail. (Representational)

Lucknow: A 30-year-old woman gave birth to a baby girl onboard a train from New Delhi to Dibrugarh on Wednesday with the help of a railway Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) and a woman passenger, a senior railway official said.

North Central Railway Public Relation Officer Amit Malviya said 30-year-old Manisha, a resident of Pratapgarh, was travelling with her husband from Delhi to Allahabad on the Brahmaputra Mail when she started having labour pains.

He said that the ticket collector, Manoj Kumar, got information at around 8.30am about the matter. that a 30-year-old passenger was undergoing labour.

He immediately contacted the commercial control in Kanpur, and informed the authorities about the woman.

“A request for a doctor to be present at Kanpur Central station was made. But her labour pains intensified when the train was still far from Kanpur. The TTE requested the passengers to vacate the cabin, and urged other women passengers to help. One woman passenger came forward, and asked the TTE for some items she needed to assist Manisha,” Mr Malviya said.

“At around 11.30 am, the woman gave birth to a baby girl. At the Kanpur Central station, the awaiting doctor gave some medications, after which the mother and daughter left for their destination.”