Goa is one of the most popular places to gain some amusement. For this reason, it is one of the most amazing places to choose as your honeymoon destination.Goa, a small destination and a fast-growing place for tourists with a melting urn of cultures and traditions, attracts people from every corner of the world to visit, explore and make the trip the fantastic trip of the year with unforgettable moments. Plan your trip to Goa, which possesses its charm with a river flowing on one side with some areas at the low rise and red-roofed, which increases the glory of the city. You get to see the people on the beaches and the birds at the sanctuaries with the rich Portuguese heritage that makes you understand how charming and beautiful this place was in ancient times during the Portuguese reign. If you want to know what are famous Goa destinations, just go and explore which you have never viewed and felt from a close distance!!!

10 Best Beaches in GOA for Honeymoon - 2020 (With Photos)

Why is Goa the best place for a honeymoon?

Goa is one of the most romantic destinations in India. The color and essence of the mixture of sun, sand, and sea will create an extra romantic, whether in Goa. Besides that, in Goa, there is a lot of amusement facility available for a newly married couple so that couple can now start their life with the essence of the sea.  OIt does not matter whether you are an adventurous couple or a romantic one; there are many things to do in Goa, which makes the destination more attractive towards the honeymoon couple.

Butterfly beach

The butterfly is the topmost destination for the honeymoon couples.  The beach is situated in the middle of two of the mountains, which adds extra beauty to the scenery of the place. The place is private and comfortable, so most honeymoon couples visit the site to get some extra amusement. You can see dolphins here, and the sunset view of the butterfly beach will amaze you completely. So, if you are willing to visit Goa, you can visit the butterfly beach once.

Vesela beach

The vesalo beach is another attractive destination of Goa for the honeymoon couples. It is an isolated beach with vast coconut plantation and clean sea coast. You can make your spouse happy to take here and taking the experience of watersports, sunbathing, and swimming. If you are an adventure lover, vesalo beach will attract you and your spouse.


If you love parasailing or boating, then you can visit this queen of beaches. If you want to buy some gifts for your partner, you can also collect it from the Tinto market, which will make your partner happy.


If you or your partner like adventure sports like scuba diving, or waterskiing, you can choose Sinquerium as your destination in Goa. Most of the honeymoon couple visit Goa to start their life with an adventure in the sinquerim beach of Goa.

Betul Beach

If you want to see a beautiful landscape in Goa, you can visit  Goa. Honeymoon couples. The beautiful environment will attract you, and here you can indulge in some water sports also.


If you want to add some extra peace while starting your life, you can visit the chorao island in Goa. The beach is so amazing, and here you can have some candlelight dinner with your spouse. The extraordinary beauty of the island will make your Honeymoon extraordinary. So, if you want to do a fresh start, visit the chorao island on your Honeymoon.

Harvalem Waterfall

Not only beaches, Goa, also contains more than one waterfall. So, if you love to visit the waterfall, you can visit the harvelam beach, the beauty of the landscape will amaze you can your partner. The pure water and views will make your Honeymoon memorable.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar waterfall is another fantastic place for honeymoon couples. It is also known as the sea of milk. The spectacular beauty of the area will amaze you. The club Mahaveer sanctuary is one of the most beautiful destinations for couples. The places near the falls are calm and quiet, which is a fantastic idea to do a Honeymoon here. The waterfall is around 8 km away from the rail station so that you can visit the place accordingly.

Panaji State Museum-

If you love to visit the places where you can get some essence of history, visit the state museum of Panaji once. Panaji State Museum is one of the magnificent sights to trip while you are in Panaji. It was inaugurated in the year 1977. Though later in 1996, Panaji State Museum was re-opened in a brand new building. This famous Indian museum collection is remarkable, and you would love to spend some time there. Tourists here can enjoy taking a trip to this beautiful Panaji State Museum. You must not miss the Panaji State Museum place during your stay at Goa.

Secretariat Building

You can also visit Goa to take some essence of the structural designs of the city. Secretariat Building is among the most-prominent landmarks situated in Panaji. The architectural design of this building is spectacular. This is among some fantastic buildings in Panaji. You must trip this place to see the intricate and unusual architecture of this enormous building. This is also among some old buildings in Panaji.

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

If you love to visit holy places like churches, you can surely visit this church. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is undoubtedly among some main tourist attractions in the city. There are plenty of churches in Goa. However, this church has always been the main attraction being the oldest church in the area. This beautiful church was built around the 17th century, and tilled date, it has remained among some most-wonderful buildings in Panaji. Your Goa trip would be incomplete without a trip to this amazing church.

St. Cajetan’s Church this is another beautiful church in Panaji. St. Cajetan’s Church is beautiful is situated near the viceregal palace. The decor of this church is similar to the famous Basilica of St. Peter, which is located in Rome. The altar of this beautiful church is even more intricate and exquisite. You must trip to this beautiful church during your stay there. It will mesmerize you for sure.

Santa Dura temple- Apart from the churches, there are some beautiful temples in Panaji you need to trip. This exotic temple is situated in a beautiful hilly area of Kavalem. The Shanta Durga temple is pagoda-shaped, and the surroundings of the Santa Dura temple placeis lovely and picturesque.

Basilica of Bom Jesus- This is among the oldest churches situated in the ancient Panaji. Basilica of Bom Jesus is the main landmark there, and in Christian history also this church has enormous popularity. If you start this place full of spirituality, you can visit the site. Once you start your journey from the house of God, you can get some spirit here. On the other hand, the structure of the church is going to make your soul happy.

Beach sides of Panaji- Beach sides are the main attraction of Goa. You must spend some leisure time in the sea es. Taking sunbath on the exotic beach sides of Panaji would certainly be memorable for you. You must enjoy taking a bath in the amazing Arabian Sea there. There are plenty of strange beach sides in Panaji, and you must try to trip them during your stay. The vibrant beach sides and the seaside shacks are widely popular among the tourists. You would certainly enjoy a lot there.

Sum It up

Honeymoon is essential for each of the couples. It helps them to start their new life with the help of peace and greenery. They need to know their partners. If you are an adventure lover or want to fill your Honeymoon full of romance, you can visit the Goa, from the beautiful landscape to waterfall, the places you will remember all the time. It will be a fresh start with your spouse, so try to make it memorable for definitely. Goa is the place where a person with any age can visit and enjoy. The vibrant sea and the landscapes will amaze you. Who doesn’t wants to see the beauty of the scene in their Honeymoon? To take the best essence in your Honeymoon, go and enjoy Goa.

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